How to analyze competing results and websites

Can you do a better job than your direct competitors ?

author Paul

Once you have your list of keywords and competing websites, an important step is to see what they're doing to understand how you could compete.

Let's check the following competitor for our sofa website example :
It's a low authority website (DA : 9) that has many keywords ranking in the top of the Google results.

As we can see from their homepage, this niche website is going all in on sofa content with "best" affiliate type of content.

According to Google, it has only 23 indexed pages (on the 6th October 2021) which is pretty low.

Articles have a lot of internal links though, helping to build topical authority and making it very relevant on "sofa" content.

How to analyze competing articles ?

Going back to your list of keywords, one of the keywords this website is ranking on is : "best sofa for fat person"

The article is at :

It's a typical "top 8" type of article with affiliate links.

It's structured in 3 parts :

1. Introduction
2. Top 8 products (affiliate link to Amazon + description + pros/cons + summary)
3. Some paragraphs about sofas for heavy people.

How could we do a better job ?

Advice :
Before going through any article in the SERPs, think of questions you would have about the keyword/topic and write them down. You might think of questions that are not in any existing article but would be really useful to a reader.

Here are my main remarks about this article :

Where is the buying guide ?

There is a bullet list at the end of the article about buying criteria but the article doesn't describe them further.

The article doesn't answer some of the questions I had :

- How do I choose a sofa for heavy people ? (Based on the person's weight ? dimensions ?).

- Where are the technical characteristics of every recommended sofa ? (dimensions ?)

- Will the material and the springs of each presented sofa deteriorate fast under heavy weight ?

- Is there a guarantee if something breaks under the weight ?

Where can you get questions people have ?
By checking at the People Also Ask (PAA) section in Google, you can come up with some further popular questions that you would add to your articles.

Every time you analyze a keyword, the PAA sections are fetched by LowFruits and added to the "questions" tab (there is a switch called extracted PAA).

How do I prepare content briefs for my articles ?

There would be a lot to say about content briefs but here is a summary of my method :

1. As in the example above, I write down questions I would have around the keyword.
2. I then check what the weak competition is doing (and lacking).
3. Finally, I review other pages from the top 10 search results to see what kind of structure (h2, h3) they have, that Google likes.

By doing this analysis on all the keywords of your list, you can create content briefs that will lead your website to the top positions of Google.

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