About Me

Hey there! 🖐

I'm Paul, the driving force behind LowFruits.

Paul, Founder of LowFruits

My Initial Journey: Software & Craft Beer

Tracing back to my roots, I started off as a electrical engineer, diving deep into the IT world and working for a couple of notable firms.

But the entrepreneurial spirit in me kicked in when a buddy and I embarked on an exciting journey in 2013 – launching an online club dedicated to craft beers. The aim? Elevating lesser-known craft beer brands.

The Rise of SEO in My Venture

While the thrill of selling craft beer was undeniable, something else caught my attention. Our website began garnering massive organic traction from search engines. SEO was proving to be a game-changer, second only to word of mouth.

Discovering Niche Websites

Fast forward to 2016, Spencer Haws' Niche Pursuits case studies crossed my path, introducing me to the marvels of niche websites and the potential of earning passively with a touch of SEO magic.

It didn't take long before I dipped my toes into this realm, launching my first niche website by early 2017.

With a combination of self-authored content and strategic SEO, I managed to rake in a commendable €1800 in affiliate commissions per month by year's end.

Expanding with SEO

Over the years, SEO became my trusted ally, aiding in escalating revenues across various online ventures including 10 niche websites.

The Keyword Research Challenge

While the consensus among experts was to target keywords with a Keyword Difficulty (KD) below 10, there was more to the story. Evaluating Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) was more important.

Introducing LowFruits: Bridging the Gap

Using SEO tools, I could identify keywords with low KD, but I still needed to manually check live SERPs to understand the real competition landscape – a process that was not only inefficient but increasingly frustrating.

A keyword might have a KD of 0 yet still be challenging to rank for.

To truly assess a keyword's potential, I needed to verify:

  • The presence of low Domain Authority (DA) websites in the SERPs.
  • The types of websites ranking (affiliates, e-commerce sites, major media outlets, etc.).
  • The budget requirements based on real-time word count.
  • Whether webpages are directly targeting the query or if there's an opportunity to rank with more precise content.

LowFruits was created, in December 2020, to automate this SERP analysis, transforming a manual, time-intensive task into a streamlined, efficient process.

And here we are today.