About Me

Hey! 👋
My name is Paul, and I’m the founder of LowFruits.

Paul, Founder of LowFruits

Here's my story.

From selling craft beer to unlocking the power of SEO.

After working in two IT companies as a software engineer, a friend and I founded an online beer club in 2013.
Our goal? Giving smaller craft beer brands more visibility.

It was a lot of fun, but most importantly:
We started getting incredible organic traffic from search engines.

😮 SEO became our biggest acquisition channel after word of mouth.

Early Niche Website Beginnings

In 2016, I discovered Spencer Haws’ Niche Pursuits case studies. It was incredible to me that you could generate passive income with a 'bit' of help from SEO.

Of course - I had to try it!

I launched my first niche website in early 2017. I initially created the content myself, and by the end of the year, I was earning €1800 in monthly affiliate commissions.

Since then, I’ve used SEO to increase revenue for several online businesses:

10 niche websites

1 local online directory

A Journey to Find the Right Keywords

You can’t run a successful niche website without solid foundations.
And in SEO, your keywords are the foundations of your success.

The problem was that all the experts said:
“Target keywords with Keyword Difficulty below 10.”
Still, they also said: “KD doesn’t paint the full picture. Check the SERPs, too!”

Back in the days, I used other keyword tools (Ahrefs, Market Samurai, LongTailPro)
They helped, but I still had to manually analyze the SERPs.
And that took days!

👉 So I built LowFruits in 2020 to help me find the right keywords faster, addressing a problem I personally experienced. 👈

And here we are today!