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LowFruits' Bulk SERP Checker analyzes as many SERPs as you want at the same time, giving you the insights you need to rank faster.

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A wealth of SERP information

See weak spots in each SERP

Identify low-DA websites and forums that currently rank in the top 10 for your target keywords.

Then, identify what makes their content so good and outrank them!

How are your competitors doing it?

Identify your top competitors for the SERP, including low-DA websites that rank well.

See their website types (e.g., affiliate websites, eCommerce shops), organic traffic stats (available on a subscription), monetization strategies, and more.

Intent sharing with keyword clusters

Group similar keywords together, and rank for the primary and multiple secondary keywords with 1 content piece.

Find your ideal content length

Discover the word counts for each webpage (body content only), and know how long your content needs to be to satisfy the searchers.


Once you insert your keyword(s), we’ll start analyzing them.
You’ll get all the data you need (including search volumes, CPC, intent, weak spots, competition, clusters, and more) within a few minutes.

1 SERP analysis is 1 credit. For example, if you want to analyze 200 SERPs simultaneously, you’ll spend 200 credits.

When you log into your dashboard, select the “Import” option in the left-hand sidebar. You’ll be able to select if you want to see local search volumes, PAA queries, and Related queries, or not.

Note: You can customize the results to your domain by entering it or entering your existing Domain Authority. This way, you’ll see weak spots tailored to your DA.

You can import up to 5000 keywords for analysis at once.

Yes, you can export the keywords and the data analyzed with LowFruits’ Bulk SERP Checker.

LowFruits pulls the freshest SERP data whenever you run an analysis.

Yes! If you enter your domain when importing your keywords, we’ll show you a notification and the current ranking when you analyze the SERPs.

Firstly, you can understand the competitive landscape for each SERP. You’ll know if it makes sense to target it now if you want to rank fast or choose one of the other keywords with weak spots you can leverage.

The bulk SERP checker also allows you to avoid analyzing SERPs one by one. Instead, you can simply enter a list of a maximum of 5000 keywords and get the data showing you how to approach it (and whether it’s viable to start targeting it now).

Since you’ll see the SERP features, competitors, and average word counts, you can easily create a strategy for outranking your competition and creating great content.

Finally, you can analyze your competitors for each of the SERPs to understand their success formulas (and what you can do to overtake them).

Since SERPs constantly change, we recommend running monthly SERP checks for your highly-profitable keywords. When you start ranking for a SERP, especially in the Top 10, conduct quarterly checks to keep your content fresh with updates.

You can find the list of supported languages and countries here.

How to run a bulk SERP analysis in LowFruits

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