Still analyzing SERPs manually to find weak spots ?

LowFruits analyzes SERPs for you and reveals weak keyword spots.

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"Last 4 keywords selected rank at 3,5, 17 and 37 - with just an ordinary seo optimized blog post with no links or promotion.
Great tool that works."
Niel from Jubileesouth – A Better Life
tesimonial Sam

"LowFruits is definitely the one new player I’ve added to my SEO research stack.
Simple and constantly evolving."
Sam from
tesimonial Sam
"Lowfruits sums up what you can do with it: go for easy and accessible positions on the serps.
I recommend it."
tesimonial Adrien

How LowFruits helps you analyze SERPs faster

Import or get your keywords

Import your own list of keywords for analysis or generate keyword ideas for free.

Save time analyzing the SERPs

LowFruits will reveal where User Generated Content (UGC) websites and your weakest competitors rank in the top positions.
Analyze SERPs in bulk and save time.

Clustering + other features

LowFruits will group keywords that share similar intent (keyword clusters).

Other features include : word counting, website type detection, ... to quickly understand with whom you're competing.

Generate longtail keyword ideas FREE

Get the most relevant, longtail, keywords straight from Google.

Use wildcard (*) searches to find specific combination of keywords that your competition won't find in other keyword tools.

Wildcard (*) searching

Intent filtering

LowFruit keywords ?

Find keywords that have weak spots :

where UGCs (like Quora, Reddit and other forums)
weak websites (with low Domain Authority)
rank in the top positions of the SERPs.

Competition Analysis

Find competing websites that are weaker than yours
and already rank on hundreds of keywords in the top positions.

"Definitely the sweetest apple in the orchard!
LowFruits is incredibly easy to use, plug-and-play."
Lana from
tesimonial Lana
"LowFruits provides you with an actionable set of low competition keywords that you can rank for quickly. No need to spend time with bloated SEO tools anymore."
Mushfiq from TheWebsiteFlip
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Pay as you go, generating keyword ideas is free


Subscribers have access to exclusive features

$ 249 299 /year

2 months free !

3 000 credits / month

Extract compet. kwds

Boosted keyword search

Top Performers

SERP Tracking (end June 2022)

More coming ...

$ 749 799 /year

2 months free !

10 000 credits / month

Extract compet. kwds

Boosted keyword search

Top Performers

SERP tracking (end June 2022)

More coming ...



We analyze SERPs to find weak spots. Weak spots are either weak websites or forum responses that are ranking high (in the top 10 search results). This means that you can compete with them easily (and win).

We use DA (Domain Authority, Moz Metric) to find if a website is weak.
If you insert your website, we'll look for websites that have a DA below or equal to yours.
Without your website, we'll look for websites that have a DA below 20.

Forum responses include : Quora, Reddit and other type of forum websites or forum sections on a website.

Generating longtail keyword ideas is free !

Each SERP analyzed (from the generated keyword ideas or your imported keyword list) costs 1 credit.

All other features are included.

We fetch longtail keyword ideas straight from Google.

When analyzing the SERP for a keyword, we also fetch the data from the People Also Ask and Related Searches sections.

Yes !

Import your keywords and let LowFruits analyze the SERPs for you.

Yes! LowFruits gives you long-tail and high-intent keywords which are great for converting more leads (as opposed to targeting commercial keywords with lots of competition).

We can help you find amazing keywords that you can rank in: English, Dutch, French, Italian, German, and Spanish.
Supported countries are : USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Canada, Colombia, UAE, ...

Yep! That’s why we created LowFruits. If you’re the owner of a new website, publisher, or a blogger, your domain authority score is low. If you compete for high-volume, competitive keywords, it’ll take you months (if not years) to rank properly.

With LowFruits, you can start getting traffic and generating revenue from keywords your customers are searching for (but your competition hasn’t found yet).

Happy to help! Feel free to email us at [email protected]

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